Locked Doors

Locked Door

I’m reminded today that God’s calling on our lives must be separated from personal ambition. They both might be taking you in the same direction, but that doesn’t always mean they align. Sometimes it becomes necessary to stop moving, sit down, and ask God to get your heart prepared for the doors HE will open. I’ve been spending too much time sifting through weeds and banging on locked doors that were never meant for me.

God has a plan for each of us and it must sadden Him to see us spend so much time fighting for a morsel when He wants to bless us with the whole bushel. Our culture values ambition. And while it’s true that God calls us to take steps toward the destiny He has laid out for us, we’ll never know what those steps are if we are too busy getting things done the way that we think things should get done. Our God is a creative God. Stop striving and let him do a new thing in your life.