Strength from odd places

So often I am convinced my anxiety and social awkwardness will keep me from fulfilling my ministry calling. But last night God reminded me that I was created by Him on purpose, for a purpose…and my anxiety is somehow a part of that plan.

Then this morning I read this article and I’m beginning to see that my anxiety is not an anomaly to be ashamed of.

It makes me face my fears on a daily basis, and sometimes a minute-by-minute basis.

It makes me strong and it gives me compassion for those who face the same challenges.

It keeps me from sitting at the cool kids table, but maybe that too is a disguised blessing…because maybe, just maybe, I’m not meant to blend into the crowd.

What would happen if we all just stopped berating ourselves for our shortcomings? What if women especially stopped going through their days with a mental checklist of every area they fall short?

We need to start embracing what the rest of society calls faults and learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes. You were created ON PURPOSE! When God was forming you in the womb, He didn’t grab that vile of anxiety by accident and then go “oops, oh well.” He meant it to be part of the plan He has for your life. Let’s embrace what the world calls a shortcoming and use it show the world who our God is!!




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