Juice Fast Update: Day 29

Day 29. Woo!

I’m feeling great, but serving at a conference so I haven’t had as much juice as I normally do. I’m also behind on my water consumption.

Fortunately, I’m too busy to notice it very much. My only worry is that when I come off the fast in two days I’ll be like a ravenous wolf and consume everything in sight.

Ah well. Breaking the fast the proper way will be hard no matter what.

On another note, I’m more encouraged than ever. This conference has refreshed my dreams and it has given me the courage to shoot for even greater things. That doesn’t come close to comparing to a McDonald’s cheeseburger. And while I didn’t plan it this way, I’m so glad to be fasting during this conference. It makes me more sensitive to what God is doing.

I am encouraged by all the cravings I have resisted over the last 29 days. It got a little easier each time and now it barely takes any effort at all. As a result, my addiction is weakening. It’s not a cure, but it is a good start.


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