Juice Fast Update: Day 16

Remember this?

Good feeling's gone.

Good feeling’s gone.

I’m there again. Good feeling is gone and my hunger has returned with a vengeance. Coupled with boredom, this is not good.

I’m on Day 16. Still 14 days to go.

An eternity.

There’s a little voice reminding  me that no one would fault me for giving in. I can begin today by gently breaking my fast. I’d still be juicing most of the time for at least a week as I gradually add in whole fruits and veggies, and then breads, nuts and legumes the week after that.

But I said I’d do only juice for 30 days. And if I’m going to get anything out of this, it will be the confidence that comes with sticking to my word and showing some self control.

So I’m going to keep going, holding tight to the knowledge of all the good this is doing me.

Besides, I’m wearing pants I haven’t worn in ages. While I had hoped for a more drastic weight loss, it’s still an amazing feeling.


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