Juice Fast Update: Day 15

The fascinating thing about juice fasting is that it heals internal injuries from most recent to oldest. In this context, “injury” refers to damage to tissue at the cellular level from sickness and toxins.

In many eastern traditions, various parts of the body are believed to hold memories the way the brain does. This can be a actual memory, as well as feelings and impressions. When these feelings/impressions/memories are negative, they create a breeding ground for sickness and disease by reducing the capability of cells to fight off pathogens and toxins.

Science is beginning to catch up with these ancient traditions. Click here for an interesting article on this topic, which shows images of activated and deactivated areas throughout the body, which correspond to different types of emotions.

It has been a well-accepted fact in western medicine that toxins from our environment – air, water, food, medicines – are stored in fat cells. Juice fasting encourages fat burning, but more importantly, it provides the essential nutrients to the cells to give them the strength to boot out the bad stuff.

Think of a bouncer at a bar. The bigger and stronger he is, the more riff-raff he is capable to expelling from his bar.

The bigger and stronger our cells are, the more capable they are of not only expelling the toxins, but also of recognizing them as toxins in the first place.

When your cells are sick and tired, so are you

When your cells are sick and tired, so are you

But this doesn’t just apply to toxins in fat cells. Every cell stores toxins, or is affected by them. Sick cells equal sick bodies. A house built out of rotting wood wouldn’t stay up for very long. Same goes with our bodies…we pay far too little attention to those microscopic powerhouses that make up everything we are and keep us running.

It is also estimated that 1/3 of the body’s energy is spent on digestion. During a fast the digestive process shuts down, allowing that energy to be diverted elsewhere. The body is then able to focus on healing at the cellular level.

All of this is great, and I LOVE knowing that my body is working overtime to heal me from the inside out. It makes all those kale-apple-carrot juices a little easier to stomach. (Because, honestly, I’m so done with juice at this point and I still have 15 days to go).

The downside is that with the healing comes the release of long-dormant issues. I’ve been seeing a homeopath for nearly three years, and thanks to him and the changes I’ve made to my diet (except for the last 2 months of 2014, of course), I can honestly say I beat depression. Having dealt with the disorder for far too long, these last three years have given me my life back. Unfortunately, some of the old crud from the era when I suffered is being released and over the last couple of days I have had episodes of hopelessness and sadness.

I think the worst of it has passed, and I was able to deal with it because I knew it was a good thing to clear all that stuff out! It also reminds me of how blessed I am to have conquered my depression, and if I can conquer that through diet and a healthy lifestyle, there are so many other maladies that can be conquered the same way.

And so, I’m encouraged today. I’m excited about this reboot and everything that will come as a result of it. And while my new hobby is smelling food and looking up yummy vegan recipes (Black Bean & Sweet Potato Taquitos, anyone?) to make when I’m done, I can finally say that this fast has helped me get a handle on my food addiction. It’s all about attitude and perspective!


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