Juice Fast Update: Day 13

I can’t believe I made it this far. In the back of my mind I entertained the possibility of making this a 14 day fast instead of a 30 day. But now that I’m almost to Day 14 I’m just going to keep going.

There are a lot of benefits to juice fasting. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m finding that scratches, acne, and injuries are healing freakishly fast. And it occurred to me last night that if I’m healing this well on the outside, just imagine all the healing going on inside!

But even more than that, I am learning the fine art of discipline, and it isn’t what I expected.

I’ve always been the impulsive sort. It makes for some interesting stories from my wilder days. Now that I’m a bit more tame, I see my impulsiveness manifest in the “one more day” or “one more time” mentality.

Save money? After this double shot vanilla soy latte. But then its…after this splurge at Estee Lauder. And then another trip to Starbucks, and then a stack of books I just have to have. Each time I promise myself this is the last splurge, only to have another impulse I can’t resist.

Some goes with food. I’m either all or nothing, and once I allow myself to fall off the wagon of clean eating it’s like dragging myself out of a mud hole in the middle of the pouring rain. I keep promising myself I’ll try the next day, but then I slide back down and order another Nacho Belle Grande with a side of clogged arteries and fat-stored toxins.

Eventually I make my way out of the hole, but then I get busy/upset/happy/lonely and compromise by taking a trip through the drive through. One time makes it easier for the next, and then the next, until it pulls me back to the hole and I’m slipping back in before I know it.

I’m realizing that discipline isn’t about forcing ourselves to do or not do certain things. I can’t snuff out my impulses because they are part of who I am, and let’s face it: will power is not a long-term solution.

So what’s an impulsive girl with an addiction to fast food to do?

Focus on the alternative.

I have been inundated with temptation since this fast began. From sitting next to a couple ordering cheeseburgers at a restaurant, to cooking my kids quesadillas, to attending a church function with pasta, salad and rolls (a combo I normally can’t resist). And a dozen others in between. I nearly gave in every single time. I came up with every excuse and justification in the book, but when it came down to it I realized it wasn’t worth it.

Being healthy feels good. That is my new alternative.

It isn’t even about the fresh face, bright eyes, or trimmer waistline, although those are great benefits. It’s about knowing that I am taking a proactive approach to combat my body’s genetic disposition to cancer, depression, and anxiety. It’s a call to action.

Discipline isn’t about refusing our impulses, it’s about recognizing the triggers and intentionally choosing a better way.


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