Day 7

I woke up looking peaked and feeling lethargic. This is probably because I didn’t drink enough juice or water yesterday. I was on the go all day and all night. I added a plant-based protein powder to my morning juice, and seems to have perked me up a bit.

A few insights for Day 7:

1. Food is everywhere. It is so much a part of our culture and infused in everything we do. Even so, resisting IS possible. Last night I prepared a table filled with cookies, chips, soda, and other yummy assortments for my women’s Bible study group, and while resisting was hard, it wasn’t as hard as it would have been a week ago.

2. I’m not hungry. Ever. As a result, I have to remind myself to juice. That’s a new feeling for me. I LOVE it. Food has released its hold on me and it is very freeing.

3. I’m sick of talking about my fast. I find that I no longer mention it to people, and if they ask I give short responses. This is partly because I’ve grown weary of justifying it to those who don’t understand, but mostly I feel like this has become my main focus and it’s distracting me from other things that need my attention. So I’m making a conscious effort to redirect.

4. I’ve been taking daily walks at lunch to assist the detox process, as well as to prevent excessive muscle loss. The weather 20150119_115119is beautiful in Phoenix in the winter and I’m learning the sheer joy of walking for the pleasure of it, without obsessing over how many calories I’ve burned. Yesterday I walked by this overgrown plot on the side of the road, in front of an abandoned building. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because of the fast, but I found this to be incredibly beautiful. To me it represents wild growth, left untamed, yet it turned into something beautiful in the midst of abandonment.

Overall, I feel good. I’m still optimistic that I can make it to Valentines Day on this fast. The best part is that the hamster wheel in my brain has slowed. I’m living more in the moment and the anxiety that constantly rests on my shoulders has lifted.


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