Day 6

I made it through the weekend.


Friday night my boyfriend and I went to one of the few restaurant-esque places I know of that serve actual, fresh juice.

It was torture.

We went to a trendy, downtown spot where a lot of writers and hipsters hangout. In keeping with the theme, some of the tables are communal. Of course, the people next to us ordered cheeseburgers, the very thing I was craving.

I felt like a heroin addict at a drug club. But I learned two things that night:

1. My boyfriend is an amazing encourager (I knew this already, but the reminder didn’t hurt)

2. Every temptation is an opportunity for victory

In addition to the juice, we ended up ordering a bowl of marinated and steamed veggies. I munched on a celery stick, a cucumber stick, and a turnip stick, and then my stomach got angry so I stopped and ordered a peppermint tea. I continued to juice the rest of the weekend and haven’t eaten anything since.

Sunday was Day 5, or otherwise known as the “I Feel Fabulous Day.” This was the day when it all felt worth it. I woke up feeling clean and energized. And my skin looked Ah-MAZ-ing. Because of my fast food diet over the last 6 weeks or so my skin had been looking a bit haggard, but on Day 5 it magically cleared up. My eyes were brighter too.

Now I’m on Day 6 and I can finally say that I’ve found the rhythm. I’ve begun to look at the veggies and fruit I chop for juice as desirable. The siren song of carbs, fat, sugar, salt, and even coffee is beginning to quiet. Most importantly, I’m now tuned in to my body. I know when it’s time for another juice because of the way I feel, instead of relying on hunger, or boredom, stress, or any other of the plethora of emotions that usually send me scuffling to the pantry or the fridge.

The one thing that isn’t happening is the weight loss, which is weird. For 6 days I’ve had nothing but juice, save the celery sticks I ate on Day 1 and the 3 tiny veggies on Day 3. The math alone guarantees at least a few pounds lost, but nothing. While I feel clean, my clothes aren’t fitting any better and I still feel bloated, like a tick ready to pop. I’m hoping that my body is just in panic mode and in a few more days I’ll lose it all in a whoosh, wake up and find myself ten pounds thinner.

Then again, I must remind myself that weight loss is the happy side-effect, not the main goal. Regardless of how I look on the outside, I know that there is a ton of good stuff going on inside.


2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Way to go on your juice fast. I have not tried one of those. Right now I am on the most extreme fast that I have ever attempted, the 21-Day Daniel Fast, and I’m on Day 15. I read your entries and look back with encouragement on the days that I felt the same as you.

    One of the extra things that I am fasting from is the scale. Weighing myself daily became a habit and I found that I would sabotage my own progress sometimes. Not knowing my weight has forced me to pay more attention to how I feel and how my clothes fit.

    I don’t think I lost a single pound last week, and I found that depressing. On the brighter side, I feel so good that I may continue eating vegan long after the fast is over. I also have to keep reminding myself that weight loss is not the goal – it’s a “happy side effect”.

    Now, my first day into Week 3 I feel like my spiritual goals are being met. My health has definitely improved. And, the lower thigh area of my favorite work pants are noticeably looser.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that you are an encouragement to me. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement and congrats on being 2/3 through your Daniel Fast! I am normally a vegan (aside from falling off the wagon over the holidays), and I can tell you it makes a HUGE difference in how you feel.

    Fasting from the scale…I LOVE it! I’m actually doing the same thing, although not intentionally. I just can’t bear to look. lol But I agree, when we get stuck on the numbers it does sabotage progress. I know I haven’t lost weight just by the way my clothes are fitting (or NOT fitting haha). And unfortunately, I’ve been playing the weight loss game for so long I can tell you how much I lose or gain by that alone.

    But aside from that, feeling good is most certainly the main goal, and it is actually quite freeing 🙂

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