Day 1(ish)

Technically I started my juice fast yesterday. It began as an apple/kale/orange juice in the morning. I drank it on the way to work, and already had to pee so badly by the time I got there I thought I was going to have an accident in the elevator.

Good. It’s working. Juicing floods your body with micronutrients, encouraging the release of toxins. And lesson learned: don’t start drinking the juice until I’m at least halfway to work!

I planned yesterday, the first day, to be a transitional day. After my initial morning juice, I ate normally throughout the rest of the day, but not as well as I should have. I should have leaned more toward fresh fruits and veggies, essentially the same stuff I would be juicing, but carbs have sung their siren song and the won’t shut up.

So today is my real first day. Sort of. I’m still transitioning. Today I AM doing the transition right. I had a 20 oz juice in the morning and I made two 12 oz juices to drink throughout the day. I have celery sticks (no hummus 😦 ) and an apple for snacks and I will have a sensible, plant-based dinner.

That will be my true test. Nights are hard for me.

Tomorrow I will juice for all three meals with fresh fruits and veggies as snacks.

Friday it begins. Full on fast, which will continue until Feb. 14.

I will chronicle my experiences on this blog. That might seem odd since this is a motivational/sermon blog, but I’m hoping that the benefits of this fast will be spiritual, as well as physical. Dumping toxins out of the body is symbolic, and past (shorter) fasts have made me super sensitive to spiritual things. During this time I’m also starting to lead a small Bible study, as well as another study focused on answering questions for new believers.

My hope (expectation) is that God will speak to me through this time, even if only because I’ll need to rely on Him for endurance and resolve. Because this girl loves to eat, and this will be at time of redirection and focus. In so many ways.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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