Announcing the release of Heart of Grace and call for reviewers

I am super excited to announce the release of my next book: Heart of Grace. The paperback and Kindle versions will be available on Dec. 2, but you can pre-order the Kindle version here. I am also offering free advance copies to reviewers. If you are interested in reviewing Heart of Grace on, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and/or your blog, please email me at and let me know whether you would prefer it in PDF or Mobi format.

Angela Donnelly is still reeling from a devastating breakup and an impulsive decision to quit her job at a top New York City investment firm. The last thing she wants is to spend three months working in the podunk town of Grace, Montana with her childhood nemesis, Cole Jordan. But after losing the apartment that came with the job, Angela has nowhere else to go. The rodeo arena that Cole and her deceased father owned together might be her last chance at redeeming both her pride and her bank account, but the decision to hang up her briefcase and muck stalls for the summer comes with the burden of memories she thought long forgotten.

Working with Cole, the man who once broke her heart, could be an intriguing distraction, or a reminder of everything she left behind fifteen years earlier…


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