untitledEach of us, at one point or another, reaches a pivotal moment that forces us to examine ourselves at a deeper level. We have no choice but to look inward and ask difficult questions.

Most of the time, the questions – and the answers, for that matter – are not pleasant because we often do not reach the point of needing to ask them without experiencing the rocky trails that led us there.

Is this job/relationship/dream still working for me?

Is my relationship/business thriving as well as I had hoped? If not, is it even redeemable? Does continuing on with it make sense, or will I only be beating my head against the wall?

I am asking myself these questions today, while I find myself standing at a crossroads.

The answers, while painful, are bringing me to that beautiful place of self-awareness, where the old skin strips away to reveal a newer and rawer version of who I am and who I could be.

And now it is up to me to decide whether I’m going to embrace this new skin…

…or allow myself to lament on the old skin (i.e. old habits, old dreams, old paradigms) and allow the wounds to develop into scars.

On paper, the choice seems obvious. In reality, I’m not sure which way to go. I’m still a bit frozen by how quickly it all came to light, even as I stand amazed by the delusions I allowed myself to carry for so long.  There is a fine line, however, between a delusion and dream not yet realized.

All I know is that something has to change. I either need a breakthrough, or I need to move on.

My dreams kept me going through some very difficult times, but the hope has faded to despair in the wake of failure.

This could be the end of me, or it could be the start of something amazing.


Abigail Easton is the author of Prodigy, available in print and Kindle at


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