Grace Taylor, a guitar and vocal prodigy, is caught in a downward spiral when a dysfunctional relationship leads to drug addiction. Nicky’s toxic kisses promise the illusion of escape from the havoc he wrought, but this dangerous attraction only entangles her in a past she is desperate to forget.

Rising to fame through the haze of the high brings about breathtaking views, but from this vantage point Grace has no choice but to see the wreckage left in the wake. Her escape from the fog takes away her ability to write and perform, fueling a reckless excursion to the misty shores of the Australian Rainforest. Grace finds herself on the doorstep of Pierce Garrett, a man living as a recluse and sifting through the remains of his own dark past. Far from fame and its cocktail of ruin and redemption, she must face the woman she has become in the arms of a man who threatens to redefine everything she has come to know about hope, love, and music.

Prodigy is available on Kindle at and in print at


Prodigy Book Trailer

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