When I was in my early twenties I worked at a title insurance company doing grunt work. A sophisticated computer program could have done my job. But I was young and excited to be working in an office. I had my own cubicle and everything.

One day the big wigs called everyone – even us lowly pions – into the meeting room. They informed us that the company was rebranding. And we needed to be aware. Thus began a day of learning about logos, slogans and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t pay much attention to (I was, after all, just the girl who pressed whatever buttons they told me to).

I was a good worker, but I didn’t care, or even think about the image of the company that wrote my paycheck. I showed up at work at 8am, did my requisite grunt work for four hours, took an hour lunch, worked another four hours, and then I was on my merry way at precisely 5pm, or at 4:59 if the boss wasn’t in the office.

Times have changed. I still work in a corporate environment, but I’ve upgraded from the cubicle into a proper office.

And I have come to realize just how important corporate branding is, even more so in this Internet age than it was sixteen years ago.

The concept of rebranding has also leaked from my corporate life into my personal life and into my writing.

I am constantly rebranding myself. I prefer to think of it as reinventing, but when one restructures ones inner self, the outer image is bound to follow suit. I feel differently as I learn and grow, and so it is only natural for people to see the outer reflection of the changes I am making on the inside.

And so, once I started receiving feedback on my novel Shores of Redemption I realized a change had to be made. I’d branded it one way, but the novel was actually something completely different. I knew I had taken a gamble publishing a book that crossed the literary and romance genres. The book is Trainspotting meets Nicholas Sparks. It’s an odd combination, but one I continue to stand behind. Shores is the raw, gritty tale of a musical prodigy who experiences her greatest defeats and her greatest victories through the haze of drug addiction. When she breaks through the fog she must face the woman she has become, and decide whether she will accept the love of a man who redefines everything she has come to know about hope, love and music.

I know there is a market for this book. The problem is, I haven’t been reaching that market. The brand was all wrong.

And so, Shores of Redemption will only be available for sale for another day or so. Within the next week I will re-release it with a new title and a new cover. This could be another gamble, but at this point it’s all about being true to my art. The book itself is exactly the same, but her outward reflection will more accurately represent what’s going on inside.

Stay tuned for the unveiling and relaunch of Prodigy.

coming soon


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