A life of inconvenience: improve your well-being

Yesterday I spent over $250 at Sprouts stocking my kitchen for my recommitment to a raw vegan diet (I don’t call myself “vegan,” because it really is just a diet thing). After two hours of “cooking” I managed to prepare some moderately fabulous vegan dishes. I’m still learning, and I don’t have all the right equipment just yet, so there’s a huge learning curve. I’m just glad the stuff I made is edible (I hope).

Not fully stocked, and not fully unprocessed, but it's a start

Not fully stocked, and not fully unprocessed, but it’s a start

Cacao nibs, coconut oil and dates are new staples in my pantry. They replace high fat, low nutrition foods like butter, eggs and sugar. Ground nuts and seeds replace flour. This makes for some dense, highly nutritious foods packed with super foods for sustained energy.

But as I look at the fruits of my labors and the hit to my bank account, and realize that much of the food I bought is already used up and my yield amounted to just a day or two of food, I’m feeling a bit deflated.

I know I’m doing good for my body, and getting healthy is the most justifiable thing on which to spend my time and money.

Good nutrition comes at a price, and I’ve realized I need to restructure my life a little. Not only my budget, but also my attitude. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper!) to pop a Hot Pocket in the microwave, or better yet, stop by the Taco Bell drive thru on my way home from work. I need to cleanse my palate of all those processed foods, but more importantly, I need to cleanse my thinking. I need to just suck it up and realize that my days of drive thru eating are over.

This made me think about all the other “drive thru” habits we have in this fast-paced world. What other type of overly processed and minimally beneficial things have we settled for in the interest of convenience?

We go to church on Sunday and rush out the doors the moment it is over, thinking of errands to run or games to watch on TV, and we miss out on fellowshipping with other believers.

We pray in the car or in the shower just to check it off the list or in the hope of getting our needs met, but we never spend time with God.

We set our kids in front of video games, iPhones and tablets, and then wonder why they get in trouble at school or we are unable to connect with them.

We satisfy our need for social interaction with a quick Facebook message or a text.

Over the last year I have been trying to make my life inconvenient as part of my mission to make my life more meaningful and fulfilling. I’ve strived to go vegan, limit my kids’ time on electronics, take time every day to talk to God, develop relationships at church and outside of church, and make actual phone calls.

I can’t say I’ve been perfect at it, or even good at it. It’s so easy to slip back into old habits. I realized this about a week ago when I looked in the mirror and noticed I’d put on at least 10 pounds. That “one time” trip to Taco Bell turned into another, and then another. Then my life got busier and busier and I saw the other stuff start to slide beneath the rug as I run about being busy all the time, but never really getting much accomplished.

So today I am recommitted to a life of inconvenience. I’m slowing down, taking inventory, and getting rid of the unimportant things I don’t have time for, so that I will have time for the important things.

I encourage you to do the same. It won’t be easy and there will be a transition period of reprogramming your brain. But the results are worth it. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it. So can you.

If you are with me, like this post or comment. I’d love to hear what steps you are taking toward a more inconvenient, and more fulfilling life.

By the way, if you are considering going raw vegan or even just incorporating some vegan dishes into your diet, check out this amazing blog: http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com/ These delicious, decadent recipes will make giving up processed food a breeze.


5 thoughts on “A life of inconvenience: improve your well-being

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  3. 99% of those who try don’t make it…..So it’s not something easy to do. I found the first year I almost had to put learning and shopping for foods as my top priority until I understood more and it became easier. Remember its a total 180 on your life. To some degree this actually does take real dedication to come out of it healthy and reborn in some ways 🙂 This isn’t something you just attempt…you do. And it will change your life.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I couldn’t agree with you more. I originally became vegan(ish) in May, 2012 but I wasn’t 100% committed to it and it was too easy to backslide. So I’m now making this my new hobby/part-time job/obsession. I’m seeing tremendous benefits already 😀

      • Good luck. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be. Just gotta tell all the haters to back-off 😉 Make some online vegan friends because its much easier to have some people who think and act as you do. SAD friends can be a major vegan buzz kill because they can’t do it themselves so they sometimes demotivate you to want to do it. They want you back to the dark side and it usually works 🙂

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