Remember who you are

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I get sidetracked.More than I like to admit.

Fortunately, I’m in good company. The Bible is chock full of people who got sidetracked from God’s plan for their lives.

Abraham and Sarah got sick of waiting for God to give them a child. They took it upon themselves to make it happen. Abraham had a baby with Hagar, Sarah’s servant, which caused much heartbreak and strife. Even so, God was faithful and the promised child was born to them.

Jacob was a spoiled liar who caused division in his family, but he eventually found love and became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel – a patriarch of a people who are arguably the strongest and most resilient in all of history. But in order to get his bride, the liar was thwarted by an even more cunning liar when Rachel’s father, Laben, tricked Jacob by marrying him to Rachel’s sister instead. Jacob was given Rachel as well, but he had to work for Laben for 14 years.

God did not turn from Jacob because of his sins, but there were consequences. Still, God blessed Jacob in the trials and kept his promises.

Moses was a man of God living in a society of paganism. Raised in the Pharoah’s household, he was not only in this society, but completely and fully immersed in the cogs of the society. He murdered an Egyptian and became a fugitive. God took Moses from his posh lifestyle as a royal and planted him in the desert. This is where God was able to do the most work on Moses.

God works best when we are broken, hurt and lost. He will often take us to those places to first make us aware of our need for healing, and then to heal those wounds.

Where does God have you today? Are you drowning in the consequences of your sin and feeling removed from the presence of God? You’re not alone. In each of the scenarios I mentioned above, there is an interruption in God’s plan that results in the physical removal of the person from the presence of God.

Sarah became bitter toward her husband and Hagar.

Jacob was far from home, living and working in a foreign land.

Moses was also taken from his home to forge in the desert away from the only lifestyle he had every known.

But we are so blessed to have a loving and merciful God who uses our circumstances – even our sins – to make it right.

And yes, God WILL make it right. He forgives you, so trust him in the trials and he will bring you back. You may feel removed from him, but he never went far. He’s still there, growing you up, molding you in the midst of your circumstance.

So when life takes you away from God’s plan and you lose your way, remember who you are in Him.

A friend told me not too long ago that I need to show myself some grace, as God shows us grace.

Remember that you are God’s child. Nothing you could do – nothing! – will ever separate you from his love. And although there are consequences to our sin and the wayward path is rocky and painful, he’ll never let you wander further than he can reach.

That’s where I am today, stranded on the broken path and reaching my arms up to God. I’m a little torn. I’m bleeding, yet there’s a huge part of me that doesn’t want to be rescued. I don’t want God to take me from this path I’m on, even as I’m realizing that he’ll only be saving me from the hazards I have yet to encounter. But I know there is no condemnation, and that God has been patiently walking beside me even in this place.

How can I resist turning back into the arms of a God so loving and faithful?



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